Cyril Hahn - Slow (feat. Rochelle Jordan)

It's been really gratifying to see how an artist establishes himself in a niche genre and then proceeds to surprise you by completely venturing out of it. Cyril Hahn's remixes are still iconic, the way he massages the voices of power divas (Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child, Solange) to become earthy, deep, and sticky. His remix of Jessie Ware's 'Sweet Talk' and HAIM's 'Don't Save Me' show us a lighter and spunkier side of Hahn, capitalizing on the rock star quality of the HAIM sisters and the purity of Ware's voice. Once he started releasing originals, I began the countdown of when he'll reach mass appeal (bad thing? good thing? who knows) mostly because there's no denying his a rising star. 'Slow' is a beautiful house-R&B track that I can imagine hearing in small club parties, on MTV, and in gallery space. #amazing