A whole lot of Sam Smith.

I've been devoting a lot of time to job hunting, moving prepping, and doing some side freelance projects so I've unfortunately dropped the ball on keeping up with this lovely blog.  But hopefully I'll start consistently posting for a couple weeks before I go to the Big Apple!

Sam Smith's voice is like thick molasses: sweet, rich, and dark. I was pretty addicted to 'Latch,' his collab with Discolsure, and I went buckwild when I saw the duo perform it (unfortunately, sans Sam Smith). 

'La La La' by Naughty Boy is straight up a dope song. The 'La La La' hook is exotic, and Sam Smith's lyrics are contrastingly clean and soulful. The music video is a great piece of art to -- apparently it is a Bolivian mythical tale.

'Safe With Me', an original, is much slower, an eerie love ballad in which he repeats "Don't you know your secret is safe with me?" I appreciate the range of tones and styles he can sing in and think his voice is super unique -- almost like Antony & the Johnsons. Enjoy both below!