Austra - Painful Like

Took me a few listens (and a live performance at the Vice tent at SXSW this past Spring) to fall for Austra's addicting dance tunes. Kinda dark, kinda awesome, Austra certainly is composed of the most unique and eclectic people I've ever seen (impressed by their exciting outfits like this and that). 'Painful Like' isn't a completely new song, but it's their official recording of what is apparently a track about "growing up gay in a small town and finding solace in the arms of a lover." (Spin) Though, I would not have known this had I been able to decipher the lyrics -- the most beautiful and emotional slurring I've ever heard. Doesn't really matter if the words can be understood because I can guarantee this will make you girate-til-you-get-irate. (No? Doesn't work? You get what I mean.)